bespoke combination facials

We offer several amazing skin care brands at Serenity, sometimes it’s hard to choose!  So, we have combined some of our most popular facial treatments so you don’t have to make that decision.  The ultimate in bespoke facial care at Serenity – tailored to you!  As with most of our facial treatments we recommend either a course of treatment or a monthly maintenance to keep your results up.

A deluxe treatment includes a neck and shoulder massage, arm massage and the anti-ageing mask is left on for longer giving a deeper effect.

  • Standard MDA and Oxygen facial – 95.00

  • Deluxe MDA and Oxygen facial – 105.00

  • Standard MDA, Oxygen and CACI facial – 120.00

  • Deluxe MDA, Oxygen and CACI facial – 125.00

  • Standard MDA and CACI facial – 95.00 / course of 10 900.00

  • Deluxe MDA and CACI facial – 105.00

  • Standard Oxygen and CACI facial – 100.00

  • Deluxe Oxygen and CACI facial – 110.00

  • Standard MDA and CACI Hydratone – 105.00

  • Standard COMCIT and CACI inc Jowl Lift – 130.00

  • Age Summum and CACI inc Jowl Lift – 130.00
  • Add CACI Jowl Lift to any of the above for an extra £15.00