waxing with peron rigot hot wax

A non-strip wax designed to only stick to hair and not your skin, offering more comfort with great long-lasting results.

When it comes to intimate waxing this is definitely the way forward! So much less painful than original strip wax as the wax does not actually stick to the skin, but shrink wraps around the hair, so aiding in an easier removal with no pulling or soreness. Your therapist applies a little Jasmine oil to the skin before applying the wax helping to condition your skin too.

We offer various styles of bikini wax but please be aware that some will require you to remove your underwear for best results!

  • Standard Bikin wax – 23.00
  • Standard Brazilian wax – 36.00
  • Full Brazilian wax – (includes bottom) 42.00 
  • Standard Hollywood wax – 40.00
  • Full Hollywood wax – (includes bottom) 46.00
  • Underarm wax – 21.00
  • Nasal wax – 15.00
  • Lip wax – 12.00
  • Chin wax – 12.00
  • Lip & Chin – 21.00
  • Face – 29.00